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a conference for community. about community.

Trinity Church, Cedar Hill
October 10, 2019
8:00 AM -1:30 PM

A different kind of conference experience 


Where We Collide is a community engagement conference that features short, intimate talks from industry professionals, faith influencers, and community leaders— posing the big questions about our cities.

Combined with intentional inter-disciplinary networking sessions and visioning, and communication exercises, this event is designed for anyone who considers themselves a leader in any area.

Event Hosts

LeadNXT BSW + Zoe Communications Agency

LeadNXT BSW, an extension of the Best Southwest Partnership, is an organization that helps to ​​equip, educate and engage the next phase of emerging leaders with leadership skills, personal connections and civic knowledge in Southern Dallas County and Northern Ellis County. 

The Zoe Communications Agency is a Southern Dallas County based full-service marketing and brand management company with a heart for helping people understand how to communicate effectively. 


Speakers & Panelists

Rob Franke

What if We Were Intentional? 

Dr. Kristen Guillory

8:40 - 9:00

What does moving with INTENTION look like - individually and collectively? After an inspiring into intentionality by Dr. Kristen Guillory, two former mayors, businessmen and faith leaders, Carl Sherman and Rob Franke, will discuss how our intentional movement as individuals contributes to the progression of the community as a whole. 

Carl Sherman



Kea Westbrook

What if We Knew Our Neighbor

Michael Baughman

Union Coffee

9:55 - 10:25

Remember the days when we'd send our children out to ride their bikes for hours, just waiting for the street lights to come on? We knew if something happened to them, our neighbors would call. 

We live in a time when our neighbors feel more like strangers. 

What would happen if the basic idea of knowing your neighbor returned to the culture of our lives?

Jeremy Donovan



Patricia Davis

What if Our Youth Moved Back?

Dr. D'Andre Weaver

DeSoto ISD

9:00 - 9:20

Go to school. Go away to college. Go off and start a family - that's the narrative that has been told to our children for years. But what happens when our youth move back to the communities we build and how would that affect our local economies? And what has to happen for our cities to be prepared for them to come back home?

Rachel Proctor

Tim and Terrence Maiden


Will Ford 

What if Faith Had a Seat at the Table?

Becky Hennesy

Trinity Church

10:25 - 10:45

What does it look like when the faith community takes an active seat at the table outside the four walls of their places of worship? And what happens when the idea of leading with love transcends even the most complicated issues and relationships? 

Drew Castillo



Theresa Coleman Wash

What if Artists Had a Voice?

Will Richey

DaVerse Lounge

9:20 - 9:40

Artists are known for being entertaining us and helping us to escape reality. But artists also possess the special ability to think CREATIVELY. What happens when we invite artists to contribute to being problem solvers in communities?







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